Joaquin: Impacts from South Bend to Clemson

Hurricanes have a direct impact with heavy rain and wind. The storms also have an indirect impact by changing weather patterns, for sometimes half the country. The effects of Joaquin could even be felt in Michiana. 

While the path and forecast for Joaquin will likely change the broad impacts are already known. Heavy rain is likely up the eastern seaboard, an area that has already seen heavy rain this week. Flooding is likely, with a bulls-eye on the Mid-Atlantic states. 

The Notre Dame - Clemson game Saturday will likely have some weather impact. While not in the direct path of the storm, models indicate a surge of tropical moisture ahead of the storm. It's not certain if there will be a torrential downpour during the game, but rain is likely. Rain is likely through the weekend, that could still mean soggy conditions. 

Closer to home the change in the overall weather pattern and circulation felt east of the Mississippi river. A northeast wind will keep the Midwest in cooler temperatures and a stalling backlog of rain could even push back into Michiana. Sunday's forecast has a chance for at least scattered rain showers. 

The forecast is likely to change as we get closer to the weekend, we'll keep you posted. 

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