Joey Armadillo's hosts March Madness Poker Tournament

NILES, Mich. -- From the basketball court to the poker table.  March Madness is taking over in a very unique way.

Joey Armadillo's hosted a heads-up poker tournament Saturday. 

In a normal tournament, you could face up to nine different people at once, but today that all changed.
In each round, you play against just one other person and try to win your bracket, just like March Madness.  
And, the best part about it?  All of the proceeds raise go straight to local charities.
Coach Joe Todd, Charity Organizer of the March Madness Poker Tournament, "people come here to play. You don't have to sell cookies, you don't have to sell magazines, you don't have to beg them to do anything. They come here and play, the money goes to the schools and the athletic department. It's a win-win for everybody."

The prize pool reached over a thousand dollars.

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