Judge allows religious signs at football games

KOUNTZE, Tx. -- Students in a tiny Texas town have won a legal victory when a judge said they could continue to use religious signs at football games.

The independent school district wanted to impose a ban on the religious signs at games and other school sponsored events.

But an attorney filed papers on behalf of the school cheerleaders who believe they have the right to put bible verses on signs at games.

"They weren't getting very fired up by the 'Kill the Kougars', so if say you have power God gives you the strength that makes them want to do hard," said cheerleader Ashton Jennings. 

But not everyone agrees.

"You shouldn't mix things like religion and school because not everyone has the same religion," said Dixie Ayala.

Within 24 hours, their Facebook page supporting these signs had over 30,000 fans. And the population of Kountze is just over 2,000.

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