Judge approves new organization plan

South Bend, Ind. – The Focus 2018 plan for South Bend Community Schools has officially been approved.

“Very good day for South Bend schools. Very good day for Team South Bend. And this is definitely going to be beneficial for students,” said Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Spells.

The plan was approved by the Board of Education in December 2017, but approval was needed from the Department of Justice and a Federal Judge because of the consent decree SBCS has been under. The consent decree is to make sure there is racial balance in the schools.

Declining enrollment and unutilized resources are among the things this plan is said to help fix. The organizational plan includes 6th through 8th grade middle schools, different start and end times, and the repurposing of three schools as well as the closing of three.

Spells is happy to have finality with the approval. “Glad to finally have closure for the community. And now our parents can go on vacation knowing everything is set,” he said.

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