July ranked as deadliest month

July is marked as the deadliest month of the year, according to the National Safety Council.

NSC statistics show that preventable deaths are 11-percent higher this month than the national average.

This means an increase in drownings, fatal car crashes, and poisonings.

“Crashes involving speeding and alcohol are highest in the summer and cell phone use we know increases crashes, even when using a hands-free device. We want people to know that hands-free is not risk-free,” said Amy Artuso, Program Manager of the National Safety Council.

The summer month is also prime time for drownings to occur with people outdoors and going on vacation.

“The best recommendation we can make is to make sure you’re supervising children at all times. A lot of people think that in backyard pools if a child falls in they’re going to hear their splash but not necessarily, usually it’s silent," said Artuso.

Artuso said the best way for drownings to be prevented it to never leave children alone at the pool because a drowning can happen in an instant.

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