June outlook: summer temperatures are here to stay

June outlook: summer temperatures are here to stay

The temperature outlook for the month of June has been released, and it looks like summer-like temperatures are here to stay in Michiana.

The last few days of May and the first day of June were fair, with highs around 70 degrees. The same can't be said for the rest of the month-- we will likely see temperatures in the 80s for a while. For example, on May 5, the normal high temperature in South Bend is 78 degrees. This year, the day is forecast to have a high in the mid 80s.

Here is the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. Areas in dark orange (like Michiana) have a 50% chance of having warmer than normal temperatures for the entire month.

Climate Prediction Center

Precipitation for the month is looking to be about normal. On this map, Michiana is white with the letters EC, meaning we have an equal chances to see above or below normal precipitation.

June Precipitation Outlook Climate Prediction Center

That being said, there still could be some periods with above normal precipitation. The outlook for eight to fourteen days (June 9-15) shows us picking up slightly above normal rainfall amounts. This is shown in light green on the map.

June 9-15 Precipitation Outlook Climate Prediction Center

Normally, June picks up 3.67 inches of rain. We can expect near that same amount for June 2020 based on these outlooks.

Because of our summer-like temperature outlook, you'll want to look for ways to beat the heat. Drink plenty of water, turn on your air conditioning, and maybe indulge in some ice cream!

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