June temperature and precipitation outlook

NOW: June temperature and precipitation outlook

As we wrap up May, we're ending with a need for rain. The temperature and precipitation outlooks for June are available to help predict whether we'll make up our rain deficit.

Here's the latest drought monitor for reference as to how dry we are. A lot of Michiana is in the abnormally dry stage (yellow). The northern half of our Michigan counties is in level one of drought, and the northernmost tip of Berrien County is in level two drought.

The first few weeks of June look mostly dry, but the outlook for the entire month shows some promise. Michiana is in the light green color, which means a 30-40% chance for above normal precipitation. A normal month of June ends with over four inches of rain.

Temperatures look to stay summer-like through June. The average daytime high in June is just under 80 degrees.

There's a 30 to 40% chance that temperatures also are warmer than normal for the month, which is shown in the light orange color in the outlook.

We haven't had a 90 degree day in 2021 just yet. The average first 90 degree day of the year is June 7. This is the new climate normal, which includes data through 2020. Previously (using data that run until 2010), the first 90 degree day happened later in the year, on June 12.

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