Jupiter, Saturn & Crescent Moon all visible tonight

NOW: Jupiter, Saturn & Crescent Moon all visible tonight

With winds relaxing a bit and temperatures remaining in the 50s, tonight is a great chance to stargaze and see the spectacular sights late-November skies have to offer.

The headline Thursday night: a triple threat of the waxing crescent moon, Jupiter and Saturn all next to one another in the southern sky.

You'll be able to see Jupiter and Saturn Friday and Saturday night as well, but with cloud cover increasing this weekend, tonight is the best opportunity.

Later in the month, closer to Thanksgiving, Mars will be paired with the moon in the southeastern sky. 

And, if you're more of an early riser, Mercury and Venus will still be visible in the eastern sky an hour before sunrise through the end of the month. Mercury will be fairly low on the horizon, so you may only see Venus, depending on light pollution and structures around you. 

Cloud cover looks to be more prevalent as we head into the end of November across Michiana. 

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