K9 makes first public appearance after surgery to remove bullet

NOW: K9 makes first public appearance after surgery to remove bullet

ROLLING PRAIRIE, Ind. -- “This is K9 Luna, K9 Luna was shot in the line of duty,” said Seargeant Matt Parmelee, St. Joseph County Police Department.  

Today, K-9 Luna was released from the Oak Knoll Veterinary Clinic after having surgery to remove a bullet from her leg. Luna was in a shootout on October 13th off of Lilac road.  

“She took a lot of eyes off – I think a lot more police officers would have been injured if it wasn’t for her,” said Sergeant Parmelee.  

According to Sergeant Parmelee, Luna has been under 24/7 care and is currently in good spirits. Dr. Aarie Szuba of the Oak Knoll Veterinary Clinic says Luna should make a full recovery and hopefully return back to duty.

“Luna and Officer Parmelee are incredibly lucky – Luna was lucky where that bullet went in where it came out,” said Dr. Szuba.  

Luna and Sergeant Parmelee began working with each other back in January when Luna was officially certified in March. Now she has become a part of his own family.

“I have children as well, and of course, this is just another family pet to them. They can’t really understand on how she goes to work with daddy, and she might not make it home,” said Sergeant Parmelee.

The community continues to show support for Luna. Today, the Michigan City Police Department donated one thousand dollars for the St. Joseph County Police Department’s K-9 fund. Officer King and Petrie worked with Sergeant Parmalee in the Academy.  

“It really hit home knowing that it was somebody that we had a not only close proximity geographically, but you know we went to the academy together,” said Officer King.   

Sergeant Parmelee says he is speechless by the support from the community and explains these dogs work selflessly every day.

“They don’t hesitate they’re not like humans they can’t think of the danger,” said Sergeant Parmalee. “They get out of the car and they do what you ask them to do every day.”

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