Key witness recounts Elkhart Menards murder

NOW: Key witness recounts Elkhart Menards murder


ELKHART COUNTY, IN New details coming to light in the murder of 20-year-old Jared Foltz.

He was shot outside of the Menards on East Windsor Avenue in Elkhart Sunday night.

The suspect,18-year old Jarrod Spigutz, is behind bars facing a felony murder charge.

According to newly release court documents, six different witnesses came forward and described what they saw.

ABC 57 News sat down with one of those key witnesses Wednesday.

The witness, wanting to stay anonymous, said he heard gunshots and saw the suspect flee in broad daylight just steps away, right outside the garden center.

“I walked out, I was with my girlfriend getting her some late mother’s day flowers. I proceeded to my vehicle, we both did. I opened my trunk and noticed this vehicle pull up. And the man inside, his demeanor was sketchy to me,” said the witness.

That man was 18- year-old Jarrod Spigutz who was driving a gray Toyota Camry with front end damage.

Spigutz allegedly pulled up next to a Jeep SUV driven by 20-year-old Jarod Foltz just before 7:30 p.m. the night of May 28.

“Next you know I here commotion going off, it sounded like fireworks to me, I thought kids were just playing around in the parking lot or something. My girlfriend taps me on the shoulder and she tells me I think somebody just died or somebody just got murdered," said the witness.

Those court documents say an officer pulled Spigutz over a short time later as he was heading east on County Road 6.

Spigutz was taken into custody for possession of marijuana and failure to carry a license for the gun found in his trunk, a 9mm semi automatic handgun.

“Everybody is always like oh Elkhart. And my city is horrible. And it’s not the city. Its more the community and people that are in it. I live in Elkhart what am I gonna do about it. It’s always something bad. Why can’t we say something good,” said the Witness.

Spigutz is set to appear in court in Elkhart county Thursday morning.

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