KinderCare uses facilities to help essential workers

NOW: KinderCare uses facilities to help essential workers

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. - Whether it’s health care workers helping to heal those infected, or restaurant and grocery store workers helping feed families through this all, essential workers are giving their time to help our society run during this pandemic.

Well, one company is trying to give back to those workers by helping out with their little ones.

KinderCare has set up 14 essential centers in Michigan and Indiana, which are daycares that are now open and geared to helping frontline workers with their children while they are out working.

The only one in our area is in St. Joseph.

“I’m willing to just take them for whatever they need. If they just need one day a week, I’m willing to do that one day. If they need five days, I’m here for the five days. I’m being very flexible to their scheduling as to whatever it is, they need,” Nicole Dale, the Center Director of the St. Joe KinderCare said.

Although the childcare service is not free, the center is waiving the $100 enrollment fee for essential workers.

After a deep clean of the building and things including toys inside, the daycare reopened March 29th and has been seeing more and more essential workers’ kids each week.

There are also extra precautions in place to keep everyone safe. From health screenings and taking kids’ temperatures as they enter the building, to keeping safe distancing between all of the children, to cleaning everything the kids touch while they’re there, and deep cleaning at the end of every day.

“It’s great to know the parents don’t have to worry when their kiddos are here because they know they’re safe and their well-being and they’re getting educated as well so that’s everything we want for the kids,” Dale said.

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