Kingsbury home nearly leveled by explosion, fire

On Friday, just after 12 pm in La Porte, a home was blow apart by an explosion.

It all happened on the 5100 Block of South US 35 in Kingsbury.

Kingsbury’s fire chief say the only reason any part of the home standing at all is because it’s made out of brick.

As for the homeowners, the only reason they’re alive, is good fortune.

The homeowners, who had lived inside this 1940s home for 24 years were not home.

They were on their way to a weekend getaway at a campground.

The Kingsbury Fire Department is looking at places of interest like the utility area inside the home to determine what caused the explosion.

When emergency crews arrived flames were shooting everywhere.

A neighbor and good friend, Margaret Hakes, told ABC 57 News what she saw and heard.

“I was in the house, we felt a big, it just shook the house, really loud noise and things rattled in the house, we hurried outside, the whole front of this house had blown off, of course we called 911 right away and before you knew it fire stations galore were here,” said Hakes.

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