Knox High School hosts fifth annual Special Needs Prom

NOW: Knox High School hosts fifth annual Special Needs Prom

KNOX, Ind. -- Knox High School hosted the fifth annual Special Needs Prom.

This is the first year the prom was held at Knox High School.

“It’s a prom that was designed for student with a special need that most typically wouldn’t go to the regular high school prom for a variety of reasons, maybe the timing, too loud, sensory problems, and so we decided, 5-6 years ago, I decided we should have a prom in the school to let those students have that experience,” Special Education Teacher at Knox High School, Tammie Radican said.

The students in attendance were provide with hairdressers, limo rides and an after prom party.

“This day is all about them, it’s about celebrating them, it takes a village to pull this off, a lot of people, and loyalty that I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate, people come back and donate to it, and help with it because of how important it is for that day,” Radican said.

The prom included dancing, a photo booth, food and gift bags for everyone who went.

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