Kokomo couple has hands full with two sets of twins

KOKOMO, Ind. -- A Kokomo couple has their hands full with two sets of twins that are the same age.

It may sound confusing at first, and maybe even a head-scratcher.

But this is how it happened.

One set was born to their biological mother. The other set was carried by mom's best friend.

Both woman tried IVF at the same time. And both were shocked when they conceived twins.

These days Connor, Hope, Madison and Victoria are keeping mom and dad very busy.

"I felt like were as prepared as we could be," said mom Misty Baker. "But until you have four babies at home, you just have no idea."

The couple always say that they go through about 60 diapers a day.

Both sets of twins were born just 35 hours apart.

And to make it more interesting. One set was born in Indiana and the other in Seattle.

All the babies are healthy and developing well.

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