Kosciusko County couple brought in on meth charges

A Kosciusko County couple was arrested on meth-related charges.

Warsaw Police say 34-year old Joshua Golden and his girlfriend, 32-year old Jasmine Currie were brought in early Monday morning after officers caught the two of them with meth and meth-making products.

Narcotics officers were staked outside of a residence on the 1300 block of Lake Chapman Drive for hours after receiving an anonymous tip.

Officers say the real work began when Golden came outside.

"Golden stopped for a short period of time, but then fled from officers as they got out of their vehicles,” said Lt. Kip Shuter of Warsaw Police. “So a pursuit ensued."

Police used stop sticks to flatten his tires, but he still continued to travel for a short time until officers say he hopped out of his car while it was still moving and ran off.

"We had a police K-9 in the area,” said Lt. Shuter. “The K-9 alerted on him and he was taken into custody once he gave up."

Officers apprehended Currie at Meijer on US-30.

Police say they found her trying to buy meth ingredients.

"There's been a lot of activity that's been going in the last few years around here,” said Michael Fremont.

Fremont lives just a few houses away from where officers were staked out.

“People are making math in their homes and in their trailers and lately they have been making it in their vehicles," said Fremont.

Police say they found meth and 4 1-pot meth labs inside Golden's car.

"We pride ourselves quite a bit on our tip lines and receiving information from the public,” said Lt. Shuter. “They give us that information and we follow up right away and get right on it and work to take care of that problem."
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