Kosciusko County residents prepare for snow

Fresh snow capped the ground in Kosciusko County Monday night, and those who weren't ready certainly are now.

"My mom had said something earlier, but I really didn't pay much attention," said Warsaw resident Kimberly McCord.

McCord says she only has one reason to welcome the white stuff.

"Playing with my kids in the snow,” said McCord. “That's just about it."

Other than the joy of playing in the snow, the cold weather and mounds of snow can be quite the hassle.

"I'm really just making sure our heating bill's paid!" said McCord.

And many others like McCord agree that keeping warm is at the top of their to-do list.

"I'll hopefully be staying inside and out of the cold weather," said Warsaw resident Albert Collins.

Collins says this most recent snowfall is dashing his hopes of a mild winter.

"It's been a pretty good winter so far, but this 4-8 inches is crazy," said Collins.

With the large amount of snow Michiana saw last year, McCord has her fingers crossed that old man winter doesn't plan on making a repeat performance.

“Last year was pretty bad,” said McCord. “It was probably the worst winter that I can remember so far, so hopefully it doesn't get that bad this year."

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