Krasl Art Center seeks donations

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- The Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph is asking for donations to fix its most prized piece of artwork.

The artwork, The Chahuly Chandelier, is a massive glass artwork that is located above the doorway to the art museum.

World renowned glass blower Dale Chahuly made the piece for the building.

In the past few years, light bulbs have been burning out around the sculpture and because its dangerous to replace the bulbs.

The center has decided to replace the bulbs with an LED system. The problem is the cost.

It will cost $50,000 to have professionals take all 200 pieces of glass down.

The center believes because of the importance of the piece, the community will step up to the plate.

The art center is asking for any donations. They say that once the project is completed,  they will never have to take glass down again.


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