Kroger adding over $5 million in giveaways for getting vaccinated

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Kroger will be giving away over $5 million from Thursday through July 10 to anyone who receives or has received a COVID-19 vaccination.

Each week of this timespan, Kroger will award one customer or associate with a check for $1 million.

Kroger will also be awarding “groceries for a year” where 50 winners will each receive $250 a week for 52 weeks, totaling a value of $13,000 per winner.

To enter online, you must receive or have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at a Kroger Family Company location or by a Kroger Family Company healthcare professional at an off-site event.

To enter the giveaway and see a full list of the rules, click here.

To schedule a vaccination appointment at a nearby Kroger, visit here.

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