Kroger responds to viral picture showing coinage fee

Kroger is now responding to a Facebook post where a woman says that she was charged $0.38 for a coin shortage fee – even though she paid with a credit card.

Kroger recently made the decision to not return customers' change due to a coin shortage, instead offering them the option to donate that money to charity or have it applied to their loyalty cards.

Officials with Kroger say the charge was a mistake, as the policy is still new.

"It is not a fee; we're not charging anything,” Eric Halvorson said, a Kroger Spokesperson. “This is just adapting to the shortage of coins in the system and we're trying to be as creative as we can to help work through this."

If you do not want to lose any change, it is recommended that you pay with a credit or debit card at Kroger.

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