La Porte County residents encouraged to sign up for emergency alerts

LA PORTE COUNTY, Ind. -- Residents and visitors in La Porte County are encouraged to sign up for Rave Alerts, a free service that provides information about weather, traffic and other emergencies.

“We can trust Rave Alert to deliver messages to all of our community contacts in seconds,” said Commission President Richard Mrozinski. “We plan to use this alerting system to communicate with visitors and residents of LaPorte County and keep them informed on weather emergencies, traffic incidents, and other important community events.”

You can receive the alerts via email, text or voice message on your cell phone.

You can specify when you are alerted and how you are alerted before, during and after emergencies.

“Citizens can choose to receive notifications that will help inform them of potentially lifesaving actions they may need to take in an emergency,” said Larry Butcher, EMA Director. “The information sent out by Rave Alert though emergency notifications allows both residents and first responders to be better informed in an emergency situation.”

Click here to sign up.

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