Lake cover ice dwindles

NOW: Lake cover ice dwindles

As milder temps set into Michiana for the rest of January, some of us see the 50 degree highs on Friday, but it might not be a welcome sight to ice fishing fans. Ice cover has been slowly fading away during the second half of the month. This could be a problem, especially as we turn the page to February. The Maple City Ice Fishing Classic is scheduled for February 10th in LaPorte, and we need several more cold shots to build the ice cover back.

To begin February, we may see another deep arctic blast to help thicken up the lake ice.

Our long-range models are still hinting at the idea of seeing a new, powerful low pressure system moving through the Great lakes region and Michiana around February 2nd, potentially bringing us some winter weather and then arctic cold after the system pushes out. Highs could fall in the 20s and even teens during this cold snap! This will likely be a welcome sight to ice fishing fans, as several consecutive hours of temps well below freezing (20s and teens) is ideal for recreating ice. In fact, we need at least 4 inches of ice for ice fishing and at least one foot to support most pickup trucks. Stay tuned over the next several days to see what to expect for the 1st half of February.

We need at least 4 We need at least 4

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