Lake Michigan beaches under beach hazard warning

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- What was supposed to be the warmest week all summer long has turned into the coldest. At the beach in St. Joseph Michigan, the air was cool, the waves were choppy and the wind was blowing - but some beachgoers said that's how they like it.

Beachgoers went to the beach to take pictures, fly kites and surf.

"Some days are easier, some days are more pleasant, but I think they're all good," said paddleboarder All Mussman.

He spent the afternoon paddle boarding.

He says Lake Michigan and rip currents aren't to be taken lightly.

"The trick is to dance with it, but respect it. People drown out here, because they don't have a proper amount of fear," said Mussman.

There is a beach hazard warning in effect until 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Because of the hazards, it's best to enjoy Lake Michigan from the shore.

"It reminds you to be a little more humble when you're around Mother Nature," said beachgoer James Guarino.

"It's hard not to believe this is not the ocean," said Elizabeth Glover.

This is Glover's first time seeing Lake Michigan.

She's in town to check out the lighthouse and visit with friends.

She says the views are worth the cool weather.

"I just love it, in fact, I'm even better when it's cooler. Once you got the right gear on, you're just happy," said Glover.

Waves reached heights of seven feet near Tiscornia Park and Silver Beach.

Chris Fugleberg said they swapped their swimsuits for jackets.

"I feel like this is what I would see when I was out here in the fall, not in July," said Fugleberg.

The National Weather Service and lifeguards encourage beachgoers to stay out of the water whenever there is a hazard warning.


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