Lakeshore High School removes LGBTQ+ flags from hallway

NOW: Lakeshore High School removes LGBTQ+ flags from hallway

STEVENSVILLE, Mich. -- Some Lakeshore students are speaking out against the high school’s decision to remove two LGBTQ+ flags from the hallway just weeks after the district found itself in hot water over one teacher’s comments regarding the transgender community.

“I remember seeing on Instagram all day people posting pictures of the flags and I talked about it with a lot of kids who said ‘Oh, I’m so happy to see them,’ then also hearing kids talking about them not in a positive light or a joking manner,” said Rileigh Wine.

Wine is a junior at Lakeshore High and saw the flags as a sign of good faith from her district on Monday, as art teacher Holly Davis returned for her first day back since she made remarks on social media about the district’s decision to turn two, single-stall bathrooms – previously reserved for staff – into gender-neutral units. 

Writing on Facebook two weeks ago, “Teachers no longer have a staff bathroom because of transgender students,” along with a photo that states, “A 17-year-old boy can now share a restroom with your 15-year-old daughter in her ‘safe space.’”

Her post lead to calls for her firing through a petition.

“Yesterday was the first day that teacher came back, so I think [the flags were] to say, ‘We’re not going to let this go, we’re going to support our students even when things might be going back to normal,’” said Wine.

Wine said from what she understands, the flags were taken down because a student said it made them uncomfortable. 

As for if displays with messages that can be sensitive for some have a place in schools? 

“Does one student's discomfort of something that really isn’t insensitive come before an entire community’s comfort?” said Wine, “I think that’s where the frustration in the flag being taken down came from.”

ABC57 reached out to the district for comment and has not heard back.

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