Lane Automotive coping with heavy damage to building

NOW: Lane Automotive coping with heavy damage to building

WATERVLIET, Mich. -- Lane Automotive is trying to meet customer needs after the building was hit by a semi Thursday. The semi broke a water pipe, flooding the entire front of the store. 

The company's employees have been relocated to two different locations. Up to four employees are sharing offices that were previously used for one person. 

"It's been exhausting," said James Maceachern, chief financial officer of Lane Automotive. 

Now four days later, all the water is out of the building. Dehumidifiers line the front of the store. 

It's the sales that the company wants to make sure don't suffer. 

"Today's our first day in the new offices but it's still a huge distraction. Our focus has really been on getting the sales up and running, and then getting the ones that really support, releasing those orders and dealing with getting that up and running as quickly as possible," said Maceachern.

But Lane says they have still taken a hit. It will be at least two months until the building is fully restored.

Maceachern says it's the employees that have made it possible to stay afloat through all this. 

"It was just extremely impressive how well the team banded together to get through this disaster," he said.

The company expects to be back on its feet in no time.

"This is just a blip in the road," said Maceachern, "We'll get through this and hopefully come back stronger than ever. 

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