LaPorte neighbor threatened with shotgun over frisbee

LAPORTE, Ind. --  A LaPorte neighborhood is shook up after a father and son were threatened with a shotgun over a game of frisbee.

According to neighbors, a father and son were throwing a frisbee in their front yard and accidentally threw it into the street.

Then, a Lincoln Town Car ran over the Frisbee and drove away.  But the car came back.  The father and a witness went up to the Town Car and that is when punches were thrown and the passenger began loading a cocking a shotgun at the dad.

Neighbors on the Maple Avenue say the street is pretty quiet and they cannot believe this is happening in their neighborhood.

“You have the occasional motorcycle that rides up and down and the occasional kid on a skateboard," said Maple Avenue neighbor Edward Schwager.

For Edward Schwager, these are the typical sights and sounds of the season on Maple Avenue in LaPorte.

But on Sunday, there was nothing normal about one situation.

“A little after 10 right over there on the corner of Maple and Rose, I saw a couple of officers just sitting there and they seemed to be looking for someone.”

They were searching.  Turns out, some of Schwager’s neighbors had been threatened.

“It is just crazy that somebody came by and threatened someone over a frisbee with a shotgun," said Schwager. "I am very startled and scared. I got two boys and one on the way and we are always right here in the yard playing."

Schwager said the usually quiet neighborhood is buzzing about the incident and now he will be taking some extra precautions to protect his family.

“I am always keeping an eye on what is going on behind me, but you never know these days, so we will just try to keep them in our yard and on our porch."

Police still have not found the Town Car, but according to neighbors, it is a popular car in the area.

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