Latest cold snap probably won't be the last

NOW: Latest cold snap probably won’t be the last


Spring is ten days away in Michiana, but this weekend, cold and snowy weather will remind you it still very much exists.

Highs will plummet into the 30s and 20s over the next few days. 

Temperatures Saturday will not even come close to the freezing mark, and that's not factoring in wind chills near zero at times. 

But is this the last stand for the cold here in Michiana? 

It might terms of daytime temperatures, that is.

Typically, our last high temperature at/below freezing occurs in the middle of March (on St. Patrick's Day, to be more precise). 

Warm weather will make a fairly quick return as we head into next week, and above-normal temperatures are favored for most of the rest of March. 

However, nighttime temperatures no longer falling below freezing might be too tough of an ask for Mother Nature.

On average, we have to wait until the beginning of May to see our last freeze in South Bend. The absolute earliest on record is still about a month away!

So, while March looks to end on a very mild note, don't count the cold out just yet.

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