LaVille schools experiencing a Chickenpox outbreak

LAKEVILLE, Ind. -- A chickenpox outbreak has LaVille school officials and parents on alert!

On Friday, the State notified LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School that there are eight confirmed cases of Chickenpox (Vericella Zoster Virus) in the School Corporation.  According to the State of Indiana, this number of cases constitutes an "outbreak."  School officials said they are following the state's guidelines for handling the health crisis.

A letter was sent home with students explaining the outbreak situation to parents and guardians. 

A separate letter was sent to the homes of students who were not current on their Chickenpox immunizations.  School officials said that students on this list will not be allowed in class for 21 days, or until they provide proof that their shots are up-to-date.  The school also said that these students will not be allowed to attend extra curricular activities until they receive the appropriate vaccinations.  Teachers have been instructed to send students to the office who do not follow these instructions and come to class anyway.

The Elementary and Jr.-Sr. high School are hosting a free shot clinic on Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to noon.  School officials said that the clinic will be held in the old Credit Recovery Room so students and parents can enter inconspicuously.  Once the children receive their shots, they will be given a  note to be able to go back to class.

Principle Farthing encourages parents who have questions about the Chickenpox to contact their family doctor or the school nurse.

(Source: This information was found on the Union North Schools website and in a letter provided to families by Principal Farthing.)

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