Law enforcement agencies receive grants for school bus stop traffic enforcement

Multiple local law enforcement agencies received additional grants for increased traffic enforcement at school bus stops, Governor Eric Holcomb’s office announced Monday.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute is awarding approximately $380,000 to 39 agencies across the state for overtime school bus stop traffic enforcement over the next two months.

Federal grants currently support enforcement for 230 Indiana police agencies.

The local agencies who received the increased funding include:

  • Chesterton Police: $12,000
  • Fulton County Sheriff: $2,500
  • La Porte Police: $3,000
  • Marshall County Sheriff: $3,300
  • Mishawaka Police: $25,000

Law enforcement agencies can find apply for future traffic enforcement grants through August 30 by clicking here.

State law requires school buses to use flashing lights and extend stop arms while loading and unloading students along a roadway.

Other drivers on the road are required by state law to stop while the arm is extended, though on highway divided by a physical barrier or unimproved median, traffic traveling in the opposite direction from the school bus may continue driving with caution.

A new school bus safety law took effect on July 1, which was prompted by the deaths of three children at a school bus stop in October 2018.

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