Lawmakers probing bridgegate issues 18 new subpoenas

New Jersey lawmakers are trying to get down to the bottom of the George Washington Bridge lane-closure scandal.

Those probing the bridge-gate scandal issued 18 new subpoenas to Governor Chris Christie's office and the port authority.

Lawmakers are investigating allegations that top Christie appointees orchestrated traffic jams on the bridge as a form of political payback.

Christie continues to claim he had no idea it was happening. He even spoke about his disappointment on the issue at an event in Chicago Tuesday.

"When you're the leader of that organization, and you're confronted with that, the first thing that happens to you happened to me was extraordinary disappointment. Extraordinary disappointment that people that I had trusted had made such bad judgments and had not told the truth," said Governor Christie.

Christie answered questions from Motorola Solutions' Chief Executive Greg Brown at a luncheon before a Republican governor’s association fundraiser Tuesday.


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