Lawmakers want to restrict pseudoephedrine purchases even more

A new bill would require anyone with a felony drug conviction within the last seven years to get a prescription to buy any medication containing pseudoephedrine.

Meth is a drug that grips the Michiana community.

Just last year 1500 meth labs were seized in the state of Indiana. Now lawmakers are looking to stop this devastating problem.

Pseudoephedrine is a key component in making meth, and it is sold to help alleviate symptoms for someone suffering from the common cold.

Lawmakers want to restrict access to the drug by requiring a prescription to get it.

Local pharmacist Mark Merrill with Merrill pharmacy in Mishawaka says he wouldn't mind this law.

"I think we need to take a look at what is going on with meth, and anything we can do to stop the production in this county and Elkhart county and all the counties of Indiana is worth it."

Some think the potential new law is pointless.

The new bill begs another question, what if a person does not have insurance, and can't get to a doctor?

Right now Indiana state law allows a person to buy 61.2 grams of pseudo ephedrine per year.

All the purchases are logged to help law enforcement keep track of how much is being bought. 
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