Lawsuit filed over bail agent shooting in August 2014

A Cromwell woman and her son are suing four people and their employers for a shooting that happened at their home on August 25, 2014.

Michael Thomas, a registered Recovery Agent and Bail Agents Daniel Foster and Tadd Martin went to the home of Atta Helman to apprehend Gary Helman.

The three agents entered the home and Gary Helman was shot and killed, Gary's twin brother Larry was shot twice and their mother, Atta, was injured.

Atta and Larry are suing the three agents, and a reporter who had been at the house earlier in the day and informed the agents Gary was in the home, according to court records.

Thomas, Foster, Martin and Barnett's Bail Bonds as well as journalist Stacey Staley, and her employer, The Papers, are all named in the suit.

Larry and Atta allege negligence, battery to Atta, battery to Larry, trespass, residential entry and intimidation.

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