Learn how you can help take action against the global housing crisis this World Habitat Day

The first Monday of October is World Habitat Day. Established by the United Nations in 1986, the day provides a way for people to not only reflect on housing but learn how they can take action and make a difference. World habitat day was created to emphasize the importance of decent shelter by raising awareness, educating and mobilizing people to take action against the global housing crisis. 

This year’s theme, “Mind the gap: Leave no one and place behind,” draws attention to growing inequities and vulnerabilities caused by what the UN calls the “triple C’s,” COVID-19, climate and conflict. 

What does that look like? 

Conflict continues to displace people in countries impacted by war, like Ukraine and Afghanistan. 

As the climate crisis continues and we continue to see the largest and most intense wildfires and hurricanes, cities and towns are devastated, displacing 31 million globally in 2020 alone.  

And since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many who would have exited poverty in the absence of the pandemic but remain poor and those who have fallen into poverty on account of the pandemic has increased. According to the UN, in 2020, 119 to 124 million were impacted and in 2021, those numbers rose to 143 to 163 million.  

Those numbers can be alarming but there are ways in which you can help solve the global housing crisis. Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Elkhart County, Greg Conrad, shares how you can take action to fight the global housing crisis. You can learn more about the housing crisis, including volunteer opportunities and housing needs, visit the Habitat for Humanity website below.  

Housing | Habitat for Humanity of Elkhart County | United States (habitatec.com)

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