Learn the story behind the 'twist' at Ben's Pretzels

NOW: Learn the story behind the ’twist’ at Ben’s Pretzels

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Welcome to Ben’s Pretzels!

“Probably that our product is made with love,” says Jami Warren, Regional Manager of Ben’s Pretzels.  

Whether it is for the love…

“Truly as people walk through, they looking at the case, they seeing us twist the pretzels and cutting the pretzels up, and the kids have their face against the glass they are loving it like ooo that looks good,” says DeAshton Harris, Store Manager.  “So, it feels good to bring joy with a pretzel.”

Or the experience…everyone loves a visit to Michiana’s go-to pretzel place!

Ben’s Pretzels first launched in 2008 at a South Bend farmer’s market. Since then, the business has branched out with nearly 90 locations from storefronts, to venues, and even stadiums!

“When I started we only had pretzels and sticks, now we have added pretzels bites, so that was interesting when those came on because everyone loves the bites,” says Warren.  

Yes, it’s more than just pretzels! They have pritas which are pretzel pizzas or, pretzel bites, pretzel dogs, the list goes on! From sweet to savory, you will not leave Ben’s hungry.

Still, one thing remains a fan-favorite…

“People look at it ya know first timers look at it and go is this your first one, yes when we say jumbo we mean jumbo!” says Harris.  

Visit Ben’s here.

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