Leaves: a bigger problem than you think

Leaves: a bigger problem than you think


Problems from falling leaves.
The later arrival of peak color this year means there is still an abundance of leaves on Michiana trees. Thus, there are still many leaf-related problems that will continue to arise. In all likelihood, there are more of these than you may have previously have thought. Problems stemming (no pun intended) from falling leaves range from roof-related to car-related. We'll break it down into those two categories.

Home-related issues:

As leaves accumulate on and around your home, a multitude of issues can arise. Two of the most common are clogged gutters and roof-related problems. It's suggested that you clean out your gutters as the leaves fall to avoid damage to the home's roof, walls and foundation. Even more, mold growth and dampness can develop in your home, especially in the basement.

Shingles on many homes and buildings can trap moisture, which could allow water from wet leaves to seep inside. According to an article by Geico, it's best to hire a professional to clear the roof of your home of any leaves. 

It's not just your home, though, that can suffer damage from leaves. Grass and other greenery can turn yellow or brown if leaves sit on top of it for a long duration of time. In fact, lawns can be killed where leaves sit for too long. Your driveway and sidewalk can suffer from leaves as well. If wet leaves sit on either for too long, it's possible that staining can occur. 

Car-related issues:

One of the most common problems associated with leaves is the clogging of your vehicle's drainage system. Leaves have a tendency to plug the crevices around the hood, trunk and where the windshield wipers lay. Geico says that micro-drains in those areas can back up, leading to water entering your vehicle. Wet leaves can also eat away at your vehicle's paint, lead to slippery driving conditions and cover up potential hazards on roadways like potholes and speed bumps. 

There are two other potential leafy problems that you may not think about, but can certainly happen. If the weather is cool, rodents can use leaves to build nests underneath your car to stay warm. It's important to check under your car frequently, according to Geico, to avoid possible damage from nests and rodents. The second problem that may not seem obvious is the development of combustible situations. If a car is parked over a pile of leaves, there is always the potential for a fire to develop. Always avoid parking near particularly leafy areas underneath trees. 

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