Legendary South Bend boxer leaving her impact on the community

NOW: Legendary South Bend boxer leaving her impact on the community

PLYMOUTH, Ind -- A legendary boxer out of South Bend is changing lives after winning three National titles in less than four years.

Eva Jones-Young, known as " Sweet Magic" is already etched her name in the Indiana Hall of Fame, and is now on the ballot for the International, National, and Altantic City Hall of Fame in 2022.

Eva wasn't always the fearless boxer that she is today.

In fact, she didn't start boxing until age 32, at St. James Boxing in Elkhart.

Before boxing, Eva competed in martial arts for 18 years, winning 12 titles.

"I just knew I was blessed and athletic enough and I trained. I trained really hard. They don’t see all the work that goes in. they see the product at the end but I worked constantly. I trained very hard and that’s how I won my 12 martial arts championships," said Eva Jones-Young.

Eva left martial arts in 1996, while being ranked number one Nationally in women's black belt fighting.

That same year in October, Eva transitioned into a pro boxer.

"Leaving martial arts, I won the ocean state grand nationals. Two weeks later I was in the boxing gym. Two weeks after that I had my first pro fight," said Eva.

Eva Jones became "Sweet Magic" without touching the canvas as an amateur.

After just one year later, she earned her first of three National titles within four years.

"The night of the fight, I knocked her out in the seventh round. The next morning, we come out, there’s a stretch white limo, waiting outside the Tropicana," said Eva.

After competing as an opponent, Eva decided to teach the sport of boxing at the St. James Boxing Gym.

Alongside her lifetime trainer, Eva prepared women of all ages with the art of self-defense, while building a special bond with the youth

"Just to be a presence there and a place to come. Because a lot of the kids say that St. James was there home away from home," said Eva.

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