Letter says student took gun to school, gave it to another student

The principal of Penn High School sent a letter to parents Tuesday afternoon about a student who allegedly took a gun to school and gave it to another student.

The gun was recovered by St. Joseph County Police at the student's home.

After school on Monday, a student told officials another student had taken a gun to school, and St. Joseph County Police were contacted.

One student allegedly took the gun to school on Monday and gave it to another student, who took it home.

St. Joseph County Police confiscated the gun from the student's home.

Police told the school no threats were made to any students.

The full letter from Principal Sean Galiher is below:

After hours on Monday, April 30, a student reported that another student had brought a gun to school. P-H-M’s Director of Safety and Security Mr. Mike Seger and School Resource Officer Mike Reppert immediately contacted St. Joseph County Police to investigate. This letter is to inform you that St. Joseph County Police did confiscate a gun at the student’s home last night. Police investigating the incident confirmed that the gun was brought to school on Monday by another student and given to the student whose home it was confiscated from. Police investigating this case confirm that no threats were made to any students. The matter is now being handled by St. Joseph County Police.

Students in possession of weapons of any kind on P-H-M property is a violation of the P-H-M student code of conduct and Board policy. The students involved will be disciplined accordingly.

We say this often, but please know that the safety of your child is a top priority for Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation. We take these matters very seriously and responded immediately with the appropriate action. Please take the opportunity to talk with your child about school safety and remind them that bringing a weapon of any kind on school property is a violation of the P-H-M student code of conduct. If you have weapons or firearms of any kind in your home, please keep them locked in a secure location. We encourage you to check your student’s backpacks and pockets before your student leaves for school. It is also very important to remind your children to report any unsafe behavior or situation to an adult … see something, say something!

P-H-M utilizes the Safe School Helpline® as a confidential way to report student concerns about look-alike or real weapons, threats, suicide, drugs, bullying or anything else that threatens the safety of our schools. It is available 24/7 via phone, text or online:

Safe School Helpline®
Call: 1-800-418-6423, ext. 359
Text: TIPS to 66746
Online: SafeSchoolHelpline.com

Respectfully yours,
Sean Galiher
Principal of Penn High School

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