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LGBTQ organizations sue Trump for transgender military ban

Two LGBTQ organizations are suing President Trump to reverse the transgender service ban.

Monday, ‘Lambda Legal’ and ‘OutServe SLDN filed lawsuits, saying the ban is a disgrace.

The suit was filed for the following people, who are all transgender:

  • Ryan Karnoski, a 22-year-old Seattle man who wants to become an officer doing social work for the military.
  • Staff Sergeant Cathrine Schmid, a 33-year-old woman who is currently serving and wants to go to a higher ranking.
  • Drew Layne, 17-year-old who, with parental support, wants to join the Air Force.

HRC and Gender Justice League joined the lawsuit on behalf of their transgender members who are harmed by the ban.

The organizations say they just want everyone to be given the same and equal opportunities.

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