Light snow tonight, one more frigid day

NOW: Light snow tonight, one more frigid day

One more Frigid day, Tuesday then a 'warm-up' into the teens. Temperatures will stay below freezing until next week. This is far from a record setting stretch and is very typical for mid-to-late January. Light and steady snowfall continues in SW Michigan with the cold and a persistent WSW wind. A couple inches a day are possible through Thursday. A more significant round of lake effect snow is possible Friday as the wind turns to the NW, this could mean more than four inches of snow in the snowbelt. Finer details are still TBD. 

Next week, temperatures rise to nearly 40 degrees with a chance of rain. The frozen ground and snowpack would make freezing rain a concern, next Tuesday, January 23. A lot can change but until the snow melts that will be a risk with any rain. Stay tuned. 

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