"Light up South Bend" program expands

Some neighborhoods in South Bend will burn a little brighter thanks to the expansion of the "Light up South Bend" project. As a part of the expansion, hundreds of street lights will be added to neighborhoods throughout the city.

Tuesday, South Bend deputy mayor Mark Neal made that announcement with the help of common council members Tim Scott and Karen White.

They announced they're bringing 50 new lights to the LaSalle Park neighborhood, as well as 26 to the Keller Park neighborhood.

Deputy mayor Neal said they will install 70 additional lights at Studebaker Golf Course and the area around Riley High School.

"We heard that this was a major concern last year from our neighbors. So, we made a commitment that we would not just come to the meetings and listen, but we would work very closely with them so they can begin to see the results. And we know lights in anyone's community is a public safety issue," council member Karen White said.

Council member Tim Scott also added that he hopes this will prevent crime and accidents in those neighborhoods.

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