Mandi Steffey, Executive Producer

Mandi Steffey is an Executive Producer for ABC 57 News, where she’s been working since early 2013. Originally trying to establish roots in the print journalism industry, she worked herself through college and eventually took a part-time job at ABC 57 as a production assistant. That job was supposed to be temporary, but instead turned into a deep passion for visual storytelling and the fast-paced TV news industry. Since being at ABC 57, she’s won and been nominated for several Emmy awards.

A native of LaGrange County, Mandi has lived in Michiana her entire life. After high school, she moved to South Bend where she graduated from IU South Bend in 2014 with a degree in mass communications, a specialization in journalism along with a minor in graphic design and new media.  During college, she worked for multiple print publications--from newspaper to magazine.

When Mandi isn’t working, she can be found tending to one of her many house plants, spinning a good record, or trying to make somebody laugh. Caffeine is her lifeline. You can reach out to her at [email protected].

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