Woman dies in riding lawn mower accident, victim identified

GOSHEN, Ind. -- A 46-year-old woman died Monday morning after the riding lawnmower she was using overturned and trapped her underneath.

The victim, 46-year-old Syma DiCarlo was mowing the grass on Marlin Court at the Roxbury Park when the accident happened.

Her coworker, Eduardo Miranda Rosales, found her underneath the mower and tried to get her out from under it, but was unable to move the mower.

A resident spoke with him right after the accident.

"And then he says ‘but I tried. I tried to move the mower, it was too heavy.’ And the EMT stated ‘she was already gone before you got there,'" said resident Jane Hoover.

An autopsy was conducted on Tuesday. DiCarlo's death cause of death was traumatic asphyxia and her death was ruled accidental.

The investigation is ongoing.

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