Lighthouse Autism Center aims to create a culture of acceptance

NOW: Lighthouse Autism Center aims to create a culture of acceptance

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The Lighthouse Autism Center in South Bend aims to create a culture of acceptance for those with Autism, by educating the community this April during Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month.

“Awareness is so important because for kiddos with autism, and families affected by autism to get the services they need,” Leila Allen, the Chief Clinical Officer at Lighthouse Autism Center said. “They have to know what they are looking for, they have to know the signs of autism, they have to get an early diagnosis in order to get access to intervention that can really help our kiddos be more independent.”

Did you know that one in 44 kids is diagnosed with autism each year? Autism spectrum disorder can affect how people behave, communicate, interact and learn.

Throughout April, Lighthouse Autism Center has done various activities to bring awareness and acceptance to the community.

In 2020 the Autism Society Of America added the word “acceptance” to bring change in the way autism is viewed.

Allen said the month of April aims to build a community that accepts them for who they are, despite the challenges they may face.

Autism affects more boys than girls, in fact, four times more likely, boys will be diagnosed with autism, but there’s no difference in symptoms.

Children who are diagnosed with autism struggle with social communication and interaction skills like eye contact and vocal communication. Some patterns of behavior may include restrictive and repetitive movements.

Allen is encouraging parents to be aware of their children’s development and seek out support from pediatricians if they have any concerns.

"Seeking out clinical psychologists who do evaluations, as early as you know two years old is important to be able to get out kiddos into services as soon as possible,” Allen said

To learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder or for more information on Lighthouse Autism Center go to Contact Us - Lighthouse Autism Center

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