Lightning can be just what the lawn doctor ordered

Lightning shows can be spectacular and a bit scary.

However, your lawn definitely isn’t scared of a few lightning strikes. In fact, oftentimes, lightning can be just what the lawn doctor ordered, especially in the early stages of spring.

We’ve all heard of the water cycle but there’s also the nitrogen cycle. Nitrogen is the nutrient in the soil that’s responsible for your green grass. But grass can’t use raw nitrogen. It needs to combine with oxygen to create nitrate.

During a thunderstorm, every time there is a bolt of lightning, electrical energy breaks the strong nitrogen bonds in the soil. The nitrogen then attaches easily to oxygen, and through a few steps and chemical processes, forms nitrates.

The nitrates fall to the ground in the form of raindrops, seeping into your soil and helping your grass to turn green. So, lightning is a shockingly good fertilizer. 

At least, according to some. There is some debate on whether the nitrates blow too far away to help out lawns like these, and what we’re actually seeing is an optical illusion caused by the sun’s rays highlighting the wet grass. Either way, you’ll notice the green-up for sure!

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