LimeBike offers a new transportation option for South Bend

South Bend, Ind. - South Bend’s public transportation system is about to change forever.

A new bike share program, LimeBike, starts within the city Tuesday.

South Bend commuter Edmund Gorney says he can’t wait to try the service.

He usually relies on the bus to get to work, but wants a healthier and faster option in the summer.

“I like being able to take a bike everywhere. It’s obviously better for the environment, more exercise,” Gorney said.

Gorney is hoping he can continue to use the bus, but throw in some bike trips to get to work more quickly.

“It would help me not be able to be late for work,” Gorney said.

LimeBike designed their business model with people like Gorney in mind.

The California startup allows bike sharing without docking stations.

“We make the bikes widely affordable, one dollar for half an hour of riding, a dollar for the next half hour. It’s not expensive to borrow a bike,” LimeBike Vice President of Strategic Development, Andrew Savage said.

Using a mobile app, users can find the nearest bike and unlock it with their phones.

The bikes are tracked by LimeBike employees through a GPS.

After riding, users can park the bike anywhere legal and lock it for the next rider.

The program costs nothing for the city.

“Bikes aren’t just something for people who are well off or a college town phenomenon. There are also a lot of low income people who rely on bicycles as a way to get around,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg said.

Around 500 bikes will hit the streets Tuesday, to be ridden anywhere in the city.

“The idea of just dropping it off somewhere, I like that idea,” Gorney said.

Rides in South Bend are free through Sunday.

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