LimeBikes found in pond in Elkhart

NOW: LimeBikes found in pond in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind. -- An Elkhart councilman is upset after finding multiple LimeBikes in a pond at a city park. He's now asking for a solution before the problem spirals out of control. 

Brian Thomas with the Elkhart Common Council recently found three LimeBikes floating in a waterway at High Dive Park in Elkhart. Thomas and city officials believe it's an isolated incident, but they think more education about LimeBikes could stop this from happening in the future. 

"I don't know where they found three bikes, but into the water they all went," said Thomas. "It's a little frustrating that people would be that irresponsible to basically vandalize someone else's property." 

City officials said this one of the first reported incidents of abuse since the dockless bike system launched in Elkhart in June. 

"It hasn't been a perfect period, but it's also not been anything that we did not anticipate or that other communities have not experienced," said Elkhart mayor Tim Neese. 

Mayor Neese said the city isn't worried about the misuse of bikes yet. 

"We have received comments of people liking them," said Neese. 

LimeBike is responsible for handling bikes in unwanted areas. However, if it becomes a problem seen in neighboring communities like South Bend, the city says there are a few solutions that could be tested. 

"We're looking at another option in terms of where people can then return the bikes," said Neese. "As an example, if they're going to go down to the Civic plaza or near one of our two plazas, we might want to have some sort of docking station."

South Bend just implemented designated LimeBike parking areas this week. In Elkhart, education is also an important step. 

"Where's the best place to leave a bike, how safe do you leave a bike, make sure it's locked," said Thomas. "It behooves the company to try to educate the people that these are our bikes, they're for you to use. Just give us a break don't make the program to us that we pull out of Elkhart, or pull out of South Bend. Whatever city they're having a problem in." 

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