Lincoln Elementary students raise money for Flint residents

Friday was pajama day at Lincoln Elementary in Saint Joseph, Michigan. The students paid so they could wear their pajamas to school. The money raised goes to help Flint residents.

"We could pay a dollar to wear our pajamas to school and all of the proceeds would go to Flint Michigan so they could purify water and get clean water because they have lead in the water and they can't drink it because it's contaminated," said Greer, a fifth grader.

"I know their water is contaminated and it is just really hard for them and if I were in that place, I would obviously want people to help," said Cecilia, a fifth grader.

"The kids love to be able to wear a hat or wear their pajamas and so all we did with this one is we just said, it's a pajama day. But you have to pay a dollar to wear them and we explained to the kids what they cause was," said Principal Michael Wagner.

"To see all of these people around just supporting us and some people are giving 5, 10, 20, 50 dollars to help people in need.  Which means they really care about them," said Bennett, a fifth grader.

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