Liquor stores benefit from early morning football game

SOUTH BEND, Ind.  --  Area liquor stores said they felt the impact of the season opener early Saturday morning.

Blarney Stone Wine and Spirits in South Bend opened at 7:00 a.m.  That is an hour earlier than their normal Saturday hours! 

The owner says he brought on more staff to handle the spike in customers.
Every home game the liquor store offers tastings as a pre-game activity. 
Management even gave fans a morning bonus by offering free Bloody Mary samples.
"It has been a lot better than a normal Saturday, I'm impressed with the business today, the student's are out- the towns people are out it has just been a wonderful day for us," said Mark Johnson, owner of Blarney Stone Wine & Spirits. 
Johnson says they expect to get another rush of customers Saturday evening with all the college night games.

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