Little libraries popping up in South Bend parks

Two city councilmen are working to improve the literacy rate in the city. They have started by placing home-made book huts in parks for kids to access and to take books as they please.

On Wednesday Freemont, Triangle and Muessel Parks were gifted with the little libraries.

The idea is to read the book, replace it and even add your own books to the stack as well.

“The kids came in yelling and hollering, there's a free library, there's a free library on the corner,” said Tracy Rose.

Day one for Derek Dieter and Tim Scott's project of getting books more accessible in neighborhoods was a hit.

“Sometimes people don't have access to the library, kids can't get to the library and if we can provide that,” said Dieter.

It is called the Little Free Library.

“In a space where they don't have to pay anything, they just come over here and read,” said eleven-year old Makayla Rose.

Better World Books donated the books.

Dieter said the rotation may not go as planned sometimes, but he does not mind.

“Well they can take the book, bring a book. As long as they're reading. They can take the book. I don't care as long as people are reading. That's the main purpose of it,” said Dieter.
He said it is an effort to promote literacy and unity among the community and Rose said it is perfect.

“Especially if they see kids here curious and looking at books. Building community and building each other up with literacy skills, I think that's a great idea," said Rose.

These councilmen said one step at a time they are trying to create more bookworms in the city of South Bend.

“We'd like to get 75-100 around town after it's all said and done,” said Dieter.

They are working to get benches by the tree huts to have a place for the kids to sit and read.

Dieter and Scott need anyone who has knowledge of construction to help build more for the community.
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