Live events bringing a big business boom for Downtown South Bend

NOW: Live events bringing a big business boom for Downtown South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The pandemic brought a halt to all live events last year and with it a decrease in customers at many South Bend businesses. Now with the return of performances and games coming back to the downtown area like opening night at Fourwinds Field, businesses are excited to see more people out in the downtown area.

“Over the last decade this downtown area has changed quite a bit for the better. COVID couldn’t have come at a worse time for the area," said Asad Lee, Bartender at Fatbird.

Empty streets and closures. That’s been the feel in downtown south bend since the start of the pandemic and it’s something many businesses are ready to see go away with the return of live events.

“You know the East Bank Village is bustling. The park is bustling. The neighborhood is just really alive and we’re seeing a lot of that come in," said Bryan Kahnke, General Manager at Barnaby's South Bend.

With events returning to the Morris and at Four Winds field this month, it’s brought more business back to downtown. Something many are hoping to continue to see come this summer.

“I’m not sure how the summer’s gonna play out. If we get some good weather and a decent baseball team and the Morris puts out a couple of good shows for us. I know us at Fatbird we’re gonna be thrilled," said Lee.

Both restaurants are open for in person dining.

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