Live in Brooklyn: Looking for Fighting Irish fans on St. Patrick's Day


On St. Patrick's Day it's pretty easy to find people wearing green, or clothes with shamrocks, but are any of them Notre Dame fans? ABC57's Vahid Sadrzadeh hit the streets of Brooklyn to find out if there were Notre Dame fans in town for the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Vahid found one pedestrian wearing an Ireland shirt, but is he a Notre Dame fan?

"Can't say that much, as a Temple Owl. We had a great football game. I'm Irish and my family roots for Notre Dame, but can't say so myself," said Tim.

Houston Lamb from Oklahoma was wearing festive green beads. But is he an Irish fan?

"I will probably be rooting for them because my buddy that I'm visiting is an Irish fan," said Lamb.

So he's an Irish fan, right?

"I'm not actually. I actually root for the Tar Heels," said Lamb.

Right conference, wrong team.

Dan Zamow was wearing a green tie. For the Irish or the holiday?

"It's for the holiday," said Zamow.

But will he be rooting for Notre Dame or Michigan?

"I would totally root for Notre Dame. Not a fan of Michigan," said Zamow.

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